Solar Photovoltaic

Appalachian Renewable Resources provides turn-key solutions for all new solar photovoltaic installations.  I strive to make the decision to install solar energy as stress free as possible.

There are many steps in the successful installation of a solar PV system.

  • Initial assessment of property via internet satellite imagery (Google Earth).
  • Client meeting.
  • Site measurement and analysis utilizing Solar Pathfinder™ software.*
  • Review client energy usage and produce a spreadsheet containing applicable information.
  • Produce an estimated rendering of the site with major components represented.
  • Produce a project estimate outlining available grants and incentives to help maximize return on investment.
  • Client meeting to review options.
  • Produce contract between client and Appalachian Renewable Resources.
  • Schedule engineering analysis (if necessary).
  • Apply for permitting in restricted areas (HOA, Historic Overlay Zoning, etc.).
  • Design custom solar photovoltaic system.
  • Apply for interconnection agreement with local utility board.
  • Apply for electrical and building permits.
  • Order components for custom designed solar photovoltaic system.
  • Install components to build a custom designed solar photovoltaic system.
  • Commission installation with local utility board.
  • Present client with final packet including warranty information, design schematics, and final invoice.

*There is a small fee to produce this analysis which will be applied towards the total cost should the client move forward with the project.

Appalachian Renewable Resources will provide maintenance and guarantee workmanship for one year from commissioning of the project.